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Don’t forget, we live in a social media world. And when it comes to purchasing something expensive like marine technology, we want to see others opinions and experiences with those products.  I want to recommend to you that you do the same. There’s no replacement for human experience, and these social media pages can get you on the right track to finding out more than you need to know before making a big purchase.

If you break it down, marine lighting is no easy purchase to make on the internet. Sure, you want the added efficiently of LED lighting fixtures on your boat, along with increased visibility and aesthetic, but to place your trust in the first lights that you come across is a bad idea. Advice, when sought after in the right places, can be an incredibly important part of the purchasing process. This is why we want to connect you here:

Still not convinced? I wouldn’t be either. That’s why I was happy when I found this twitter page. It was all about boat lights, bulbs, accessories, and installations! Into it? Yes That’s what I said, too. I wanted to know more right away. I even tweeted at the company and they replied right away, with all pertinent information, ideas, even helped me pick the correct lighting for my yacht.  I couldn’t believe it. A social media resource that actually cared about its followers, and followed through with it’s conversations often replying within seconds! I’m not sure what they have to gain, but what I am sure of is this: If you are looking for a boating twitter page that will show you what you need to make a successful, informed purchase, I wouldn’t look any further. Go ahead, enjoy it:

So that’s it! Enjoy your new social sites :)

Marine LED Flood Lights – Efficient Lighting To Manage Outdoor Life

Lighting the outdoors is the norm in many places but many people get it wrong when it comes to choosing the right lighting for night use. Incandescent bulbs have been used traditionally, but they have their issues to deal with especially if you are conscious about your energy bills. These ordinary lights emit high amounts of heat which means more power consumption and can easily break the bulb. Marine LED flood lights are more reliable because they have a low power consumption and high-power output.

The light emitting diode (LED) technology used in the flood lights is not only energy efficient but is maintenance free and very durable. With a moderate power supply, LED lights can last for 35,000 to 50,000 hours. Nautical LED flood lights like marine LED spreader lights (seen here: can be used to illuminate your patio, marina among other outdoor areas with busy traffic.

Boaters will find LED boat flood light very useful for night fishing, trolling or just pleasure cruising with friends. The lights provide bright illumination while in the water with reduced visibility at dawn or night. The LED boat lights are built with excellent craftsmanship to seal away water leakage, corrosion, and UV-radiation. The low energy consumption of these marine LED lights is so efficient that they can be left on for long hours even with a boat’s engine switched off.


Marine LED flood lights keep advancing in their technology. Whether you are looking for high-intensity LED flood illumination or affordable lighting, you will always find what suits your needs with a proper search. Older people and individuals bothered by the idea of switching lights manually will find LED flood lights with dusk to dawn feature very useful. This technology allows the lights to switch automatically on at sunset and switch off in the sunrise. This feature does not change the efficient consumption of energy. You can enjoy your life indoors or outdoors without sacrificing your comfort or thought about wasteful power consumption.

If you buy LED lights for a yacht, you can still maintain your taste for style by getting designs that match the theme of your home. Standard finishes of the LED flood lights that you can find online or from your local supplies store include copper, lacquer and stainless steel.  Functionality should however not be dispensed with looks when buying lighting to make your outdoor nightlife manageable.

Technology: Will It’s Effects Prove To Be Harmful?

Technology is not exclusive. It’s everywhere – and it’s in everything. We have a responsibility to it, and proponents of technology have a responsibility to us. It is imperfect, and while we are always on the verge of the next big jump in innovation, it’s never something that we should take lightly. It has been said that the rate of technological growth is exponential.  There are huge implications in this statement; We are moving so fast through advancement that we aren’t quite aware of how this may effect us, now and in the future.

Take the cell phone for example. It is now seen as a commodity, like water or shelter, but a mere 20 years ago barely anyone could afford one, never-mind the purchase of ringtones, apps, accessories, and extensive data and calling plans. Yet the newest phones continued to be pushed onto the shelves without really understanding the consequences, even when there are cases like the 18 year old girl who was diagnosed with breast cancer after storing her cell phone in her bra every single day. Case in point: There’s not enough awareness and accountability for the products that are sold today, especially technological ones.

It’s not like we have more than a few ideas of why this happened – it’s a terrible nightmare that we know all too well. Can we overcome it? There’s an underlying force that allows products to be sold even when they are dangerous, and could cause potential harm: The Bottom Line. Companies don’t want to spend the money to go through quality assurance and tests to make sure they are keeping their consumers safe. They just want to make sure they keep their jobs, and that the financial reports always show what their superiors want to see: Profits, Profits, Profits.

Nobody blames these companies for trying to create revenue. That’s what drives a free economy like the one that exists in the USA. But when you couple that with a materialistic, greedy culture, the results can be dire.  Our culture centers itself around financial success, money-getting, and greed — and that kind of evil will only lead to more devastation. Is there hope? That’s up to YOU – How you treat others, how you view the world: Who YOU are. You can change the world by changing yourself. And maybe by moving out into the middle of a forest away from technological advancements. Be careful, they still may find you :)



The Latest in iPhone 6 Protection

When I think of my iPhone 6, I think of an incredibly fragile piece of technology – like a new born baby that you want to softly hold and keep safe. It’s unfortunately to think of material possessions this way, but the truth is that we need to treat our devices this way in order to keep them from safe from drops and fails.

Now that you’ve purchased an iPhone 6, lets go over the best ways to protect your new investment. While they are not going to protect you from when you leave it on the roof of your car or run over it with your bike, but, Griffin are now rating their cases on their ability to take falls by the foot. That’s right, Griffin now builds its protection to take up to a 6 foot drop, something unprecedented!


Griffin iPhone 6+ Case

Now there aren’t many iPhone 6+ cases available right now believe it or not – many companies seem to be slow to release cases for the formidable in size iPhone 6+. If there’s anything we know, its that a case this big is easy to drop simply because it’s size exceeds the width of an average human hand. They’ve come out with a case that has a super easy to grip material just a long the edges. You will welcome it, trust me, because the glass on the iPhone 6 is curiously slippery right out of the box. Griffin also offers protective bumpers on the corners that specifically are made for those very drops.

That’s all for this week, we look forward to keeping you up to date on the latest and greatest from the case companies. There’s some very exciting things coming out soon, we can’t wait to share, so check back shortly for updates! Also, check us out on facebook:

iPhone 6+ Cases Can Protect You From Inevitable Falls

The iPhone 6+ is one of the most popular smart phones amongst consumers due to it